Are you being bothered by narcissistic, bullying billionaires? Want to punch them in their ugly faces? Drop them off a cliff? Run them over with a freight train? Well now you can!

In an unpresidented experience, all it takes to save your pussycat is a series of 45 fast-paced, exciting mini-games! With just a few swipes, you can stop your pussy from being grabbed by the deplorable businessman-turned-politician, Ronald Dump!

What are you waiting for? Tapp that covfefe!


Ronald Dump

Has tiny hands, but loves to grab things.


Always seems to be sleeping.

Vladitry Lutin

The true villain?

Reeve Bandit

Apparently he got the boot.

Ike Dense

Can't be left alone with Iblanka.

Jellyanne Conman

Excels in "alternative" truth.

Iblanka Dump

A blonde bombshell covering for her dad's bombshells.

Derrick Dump

Everyone always forgets him.

Stupid Dump

What an idiot!